Highest mg levitra Revolution Armor Cold Forming Capabilities Announced

Revolution Armor, LLC Announces Release of Revolution Armor in Formed Configurations

New Manufacturing Process allows Ultra High Hard Steel to be formed for vehicle armor and personal body armor applications.
New Bedford, MA, November 30, 2011: Revolution Armor, LLC announced today that it has released Revolution Armor in curved and angled configurations. Originally released to the market, in flat plate configurations, Revolution Armor can now be fabricated to meet many design geometries.
“Bending an ultra high hard steel plate is not an easy problem to solve” stated Steve Monette, General Manager of Revolution Armor. “Bending ultra high hard steel alloys usually leads to catastrophic failure of the plate. However, with our new process, we have been able to achieve bends up to 25-degrees and curvatures of 18-in radius without failure, loss of hardness, or degradation of ballistic performance.
The new curved and bent configurations increase the number of potential applications for usage by Law Enforcement, Military, and Civilian entities. For Law Enforcement, Revolution Armor in curved configurations can be used for ballistic shields, rifle plates and cruiser doors. For the Military, Revolution Armor can be used in military vehicle doors, gunners protections kits (GPK) as well as up armoring rotary wing aircraft. Utilizing this new technology, ICS has designed and built a multi-angled replacement door for HMMWV variants. ICS has already designed and built a low cost, multi-hit, Level III rifle plate for the Law Enforcement Market.
Revolution Armor utilizes an innovative steel alloy that features extremely pure alloying elements that are transformed into ultra high hard steel. This produces a steel that performs like a hard ceramic strike face, but without the high cost associated with ceramic-composite armor systems.
ABOUT Revolution Armor
Revolution Armor, LLC is a vertically integrated armor design, manufacturing and vehicle integration firm located in New Bedford, MA with over 15 years experience providing military and civilian personal and vehicles with composite armor solutions.