Our Services

Composite Armor Design – You provide the threat level, weight limitations and budget.  Revolution Armor (ICS) will provide several options through a process of rapid prototyping of composite armor panels. Prototypes can be available in 4 weeks or less.

Complete vehicle integration of armor components – Using Autocad or Pro/E, we ensure that all armor components will function seamlessly with your vehicle or aircraft without compromise of mission capabilities or vehicle operability.

Engineering & Integration – ICS designs and integrates armor components using AutoCad and Pro/E software. Files are transferable using the .DXF or the .DWG file formats. These file formats are used for all waterjet, laser and drag knife cutting.  All ICS design engineers have a minimum of 7 years experience in Autocad or Pro/E software.


Facilities & Capacity

Located in the historic city of New Bedford, MA, our main manufacturing facility is housed in a 10,000 sq. ft. building. We use Precision Quincyovens, Honeywell process controllers and data acquisition software, 3 stage-filtration paint booths and Eastman automated cutting equipment to produce our state-of-the-art composite armor products.


Project Management

When it comes to armor protection, ICS is your single-source supplier of technology, design services and manufacturing of composite armor components.

When you select ICS as your armor integration partner, we assign a project manager and two design engineers to your project. Each project manager has a minimum of 7 years experience in armor design and manufacturing of composite armor components. Using this approach, The project manager becomes familiar with every aspect of your project and serves as your single point of contact from start to finish.


Rapid Response

Being responsive is everything to a business. In all reality, if we do not respond to your needs, then someone else will.

ICS is one of the most responsive firms in the armor business. As an example, we successfully designed and delivered a newly designed HMMWV 4-door composite armor kit in 6 weeks. We’ve designed and delivered prototype articles for arena testing in 4 weeks. We even designed and outfitted a new 15,000 sq ft composite manufacturing facility in 90 days to meet the needs of a production contract.



Computerized Cutting Services

Contract Cutting Services for Sheet and Rolled Goods

  • Dry Fabric Cutting
  • Pre-Preg Fabric Cutting
  • Ply Cutting
  • Composite Cutting and Kitting
  • On-site Material Storage (including Cold)
  • Individual Kit Packaging
  • Engineered Drawings – Design Service offered
  • .dxf and .dwg files accepted


M9000 Digital Cutting System (ETS-M9000)

The Eastman M9000 static table cutting system is capable of marking, cutting, drilling and punching virtually any material at speeds of up to 60 inches per second with accuracy of +/- .015 inches. Typically, the M9000 is used for single-ply cutting, but depending on the material, multiple layers may be cut, especially if a thin sheet of polyethylene is utilized on the top of the spread to seal the vacuum.

Enhanced with a network based motion control system, the M9000 incorporates a real-time digital network and machine intelligence for additional diagnostic, performance and reliability benefits. The machine is capable of monitoring itself as well as reporting status alerts before faults or errors in operation occur. Communicating over a single network ring allows the machine to run, even if a network cable break occurs.

The M9000 features three tangentially controlled tool holders, which may be fitted with any combination of different sized rotary blades, different angles of straight knife blades, variously shaped notch punches and a wide range of drill diameters. There is also a pen for marking and piece identification and an optional non-contact ink jet printer for faster marking capability.