Vehicle Armor

Military Combat Vehicles
The mission of today’s military combat vehicles is ever changing. With terrorist threats increasing in severity and complexity, it is becoming vital for tactical vehicles to carry heavier armor and still be deployable via aircraft into global hotspots.

In order to meet both objectives, Revolution Armor, LLC has developed several composite armor solutions for combat vehicles that are up to 40% lighter in weight versus all metallic solutions of the same protection levels. Composite armor systems developed nearly a decade ago developed a reputation for poor durability. In fact, that reputation is still evident today in the minds of a few. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our systems are just as durable as metallic solutions yet are lighter and offer more protection. In fact, our systems are specifically developed to perform in severe environments such as those seen in combat situations.

We invite you to see for yourself how our composite armor is just as durable as metallic solutions.

Vehicle Armor Features

  • 100% composite material design
  • Up to 40% lighter than all metallic solutions
  • Extreme durability and highly damage tolerant
  • Compliant with US Army 6000 Mile Vehicle Shaker simulator
  • Compliant with ARL’s Static Arena test for IED artillery fragmentation defeat
  • Compliant with NATO Stanag or LTAS specifications
  • Stand Alone Systems or “A” + “B” Systems
  • Systems can be developed for virtually any vehicle platform
  • Multi-Hit performance without delamination or strike face cracking
Revolution Armor - Vehicle Armor by ICSRevolution Armor - Vehicle Armor by ICSRevolution Armor - Vehicle Armor by ICS