Author: Jim Mitchell

New Bedford, MA June 7th, 2013. Incident  Control Systems has collaborated with QinetiQ- NA and Tencate for the  MC Variant of the C-130 modernization program and is recognized in a leading publication, Air Force Technology. […] Read More

 Revolution Armor multi hit solution out performs at dramatically lower weight.
New Bedford, MA, November 11, 2012: Revolution Armor, LLC (ICS) announced today that it has delivered Vehicle Armor Systems to the Naval Postgraduate School featuring Revolution Armor.  The complete robotic systems are being fielded immediately.

“To be selected for this program, this is a significant milestone for Revolution Armor, specifically for our latest design called Revolution Flex.  To date we have designed and provided armor solutions for a number of platforms in the Light & Medium Tactical Vehicle family, including the JLTV, HMMWV and the ASV,” said ICS Vice President of Programs Mike LoBue.

Revolution […] Read More