Personnel Armor

Small Arms Protective Inserts (SAPI)armorplates

The Revolution Armor SAPI design is a lightweight monolithic ceramic tile system combined with a novel damage tolerant design called C3. The damage tolerant ceramic is then backed by either woven aramid reinforced with thermoplastic resin or polyethylene laminates. The entire package is then covered in an abrasion resistant fabric and then seam sealed with acrylic liquid for additional protection from environmental hazards.

Personnel Armor Features

SAPI plates with the C3 Technology option manufactured by Revolution Armor feature:

  • Enhanced ballistic performance
  • Withstand multiple ballistic impacts
  • Able to withstand drops from 3-4 ft.
  • Extreme damage tolerance

Personnel Armor Testing

All plates manufactured by Revolution Armor have been tested against:

  • Extreme Cold (-60 degrees F)
  • Fungus Testing
  • Saltwater Immersion
  • Oil, Diesel and Gasoline Immersion
  • Extreme Heat (160 degrees F)
  • V-50 Ballistic testing
  • V-0 Ballistic testing

C3 Technology available in SAPI, Heavy SAPI, E-SAP Side SAPI and configurations.