Revolution Advance

First Came Rolled Homogenous Armor, Then High Hard Steel, Later Ceramics Became The Next Evolution of Armor Materials.

Today, A 21st Century Steel Alloy has Re-Defined the Performance of Metallic Armor.

For applications where small arms fire is the main threat, Revolution Steel will outperform any metallic solution available today.


Revolution Advance Advantages:

  • Lower gross vehicle weight
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Reduced vehicle wear

Revolution Advance Specifications:

  • Cuts with standard waterjet equipment
  • Stud weldable
  • Available in 8′ x 16′ plates
  • Thickness range: .175″ through .400″
  • 30 percent to tensile strength than HH Steel
  • Tested to STANAG 4569 Levels I, II, & III
  • Hardness of HRC 58-63