Ballistic Shields

Revolution Armor (RA) shields are designed and developed by engineers with a long history in shield innovation. Our technology has led the ballistic shield market for the past 10 years.

  • RA was the first to develop and build shields with a lighting system under the viewport and eliminate metallic parts common in older designs.
  • RA was the first to deploy a monolithic polyurethane shield viewport that reduced weight and increased vision clarity.

Our shields are constructed from a variety of materials including composites such as aramid and polyethylene. All shield configurations are available in threat levels IIIA through Level IV.
With more than 2,000 shields in the field today, RA continues to be the leader in reducing weight, increasing ballistic capabilities and streamlining function in all of our shield products.


  • 4” x 16” Ballistic Viewport with Clearguard Polyurethane
  • Boltless Assembly Eliminates Secondary Projectiles
  • Optional LED Lighting System
  • 100% Aramid Construction Reinforced with Rigid Thermoplastic
  • Balanced Handle with Forearm Padding
  • Concealed Batter Compartment


  • Available sizes 20”x36” and 24”x36”
  • Call for customer sized up to 60”x90”
  • LED with NiCaD Battery (recharger included)
  • Customizable department lettering
Ballistic Shield

Ballistic Shield

Ballistic Shield