The Revolution Armor Advantage

When steel is too heavy, aluminum is too thick and ceramics are too costly, Revolution Armor is the perfect alternative. Our extensive research and development efforts have led to a significant breakthrough that increases armor performance while reducing weight by 30 to 40 percent over traditional metallic armor — all at costs 30 percent less than traditional ceramic-based armor systems. Revolution Armor provides the following advantages:

  • Increased Ballistic Performance Over Metallic Solutions

    When compared to traditional metallic solutions, Revolution Armor will (pound for pound) outperform HHS, RHA and aluminum. With Revolution Armor, you get a lighter weight product and increased performance without the high cost of ceramics.

  • Ceramic-like Ballistic Performance Without Ceramic Downfalls

    When engineered as part of an integral armor system, Revolution Armor, in many cases, performs as good as ceramic composite systems at equivalent weight specifications.* Revolution Armor eliminates weak spots such as triple points, tile edges or seams.

    *Independent laboratory test results available to qualified individuals.

  • Significantly Lower Cost vs Ceramic Composite Armor

    Revolution Armor features low cost manufacturing procedures that are common to fabrication shops. This enables a significant reduction in armor design time versus ceramic tile system and includes greater flexibility as there is a much shorter lead time for raw materials. Revolution also eliminates the need for costly green machining operations of individual ceramic tiles to cut holes for bolts, handles or windows.