Revolution Armor-ICS has designed, manufactured and delivered customized armor solutions to large vehicle OEM’s such as Boeing, Textron, Oshkosh Truck, US Army TARDEC, US Army TACOM and US Marine Corp and numerous other smaller firms.

Current Customers and Projects Delivered


Vehicle Armor

The Company has developed several custom-engineered armor solutions for the US Army, Marine Corp and others which are currently deployed on vehicle platforms serving overseas. The armor solutions that we design and manufacture protect the vehicle occupants from small arms fire (AK-47, M-16, etc.) and roadside bomb threats (IED’s).

Replacement Armor and Parts

The Company has designed and manufactured a variety of vehicle replacement parts such as doors, fuel tank covers and sensor array housings. To date, more than 100 vehicles have been deployed in theatre equipped with ICS products.

Personal Armor

The Company also produces personal armor products such as hand-held ballistic shields and armor plates that can be inserted into a soft armor vest. These products provide protection from hand gun threats and small arms threats such as AK-47.