Vehicle Integration

Developing an armor solution for your vehicle is only part of the challenge when designing a complete vehicle armor package. Making sure the vehicle can accommodate the armor without degrading vehicle performance is critical.
There are firms throughout the armor industry that can design armor solutions. There are other firms that can both develop and manufacture an armor solution. However, there are few vertically integrated firms like Revolution Armor (ICS) that have the expertise, experience and the tools to develop, manufacture and integrate the armor onto the vehicle — all under one roof. Having the ability to control the entire design process is what sets ICS apart from the majority of today’s armor manufacturers.
Using a variety of engineering tools such as Pro/E and AutoCAD, ICS can design the entire vehicle armor solution in a 3D environment to be shared with the customer prior to manufacturing. These tools, along with ICS skilled professionals, reduce the timeframe between armor design and manufacturing. In most cases this time is reduced to a matter of weeks, which ultimately results in customer savings.
Whether it be a small cab replacement or an entire vehicle armor solution, ICS has the breadth of skills, tools and experience to complete the task.
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